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Liturgy in Church Slavonic: Kurt Sander& Canticum Festum

Now in Digital Release worldwide.

Listening to any recorded


must be a beautiful experience.


Little Spot Productions is a professional recording studio located - everywhere!  We bring professional-grade studio recording to you, wherever you are.  We employ the best of both vintage analog and modern digital tools. We can take your audio presentation - whether it be a speech, or a concert, or anything in between, and we can fully produce your finished recording.  


As a mobile, on-site capable operation, we can gather the resources - or bring our own - in order to provide professional-grade recording and post-production. We can make your subject matter shine with the best of them. We can do this anywhere in the Russian Federation, Europe, the USA or Canada.  And, we can do it at a price you can afford.



We can take our own tracking of your performance, and mix it to perfection.  We consider all recorded source material to be very important, and we will make a superb mix.  If you have tracked your own material, we can mix that for you as well.



Little Spot Productions is a full-featured recording and production company.  Most of our facilities are in house, but we also will employ such great Mastering houses as the multiple Grammy Award winning SoundMirror and others to put that final "sheen" on your recording.  We also provide mastering services in-house.

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