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Little Spot Productions - Our Vision


A new option for Studio-Grade Audio Recording


How We Started

Little Spot's start was driven by observation of the needs of the Orthodox Christian Church parishes we recorded for. Many parish communities are financially challenged, and as such often do not have the personnel or facilities to do professional grade recordings at regular market rates. This irony - of stellar singing done in places and by people who have no money - is quite prevalent in the Orthodox Christian world. We formed this venture to begin to set that right. Along the way, we have acquired incredible experience and a very fine and high-quality set of recording tools and equipment to make truly world-class recordings.

Who leads Little Spot?

Aaron "Seraphim" Hanisch is the recording engineer in charge of Little Spot Productions.  He is himself an accomplished Church choirmaster, a singer, and musician, and a highly trained producer. Most training comes through learning what does not work, but Seraphim has also been on several projects with multiple-Grammy winning engineers and producers from Sound Mirror in Boston, MA. They presently claim over 140 Grammy award nominations and wins in their history. Seraphim has made particular emphasis to learn everything possible from these true masters, and that study has paid off in some masterful achievements in both Russia and America. He looks forward to further collaborative efforts with Sound/Mirror in the future.





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