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Orthodox Recordings

A New Home for the most important Music on Earth.

"Beauty will save the world." - Fyodor Dostoevsky

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Orthodox Christian Church singing is of particular importance in our times. Many people in the United States and in the West have become more and more familiar with this music as they have begun their own journey for a more authentic and deep religious experience. 

Compared with the classical musical landscape from as recently as ten to twenty years ago, there has been an explosion of extremely competent ensembles who are comprised of Orthodox Christian singing professionals who seek to represent the ancient singing arts of early Christianity in as authentic a manner as possible. 

Little Spot Productions has been one of the leaders in this effort, in our work together with the multiple-Grammy-award winning recording enterprise Sound Mirror. We are eternally grateful to Sound Mirror for its guidance in developing Little Spot into a real force for excellence in dealing with Orthodox Christian Church singing. Our recent release of Kurt Sander's Divine Liturgy in Church Slavonic marks our first solo effort in which Little Spot dealt with all aspects of the recording since our alignment with Sound Mirror. Have a listen. The quality is magnificent.


We intend to become the go-to label for as many of the finest Orthodox Christian recordings as we can gather. It is our hope that Orthodox Recordings will become known as the most comprehensive source of the finest recordings of this music in the world. Strict content and quality control will ensure this.


And in the spirit of the Church, where it can be said "We know where the Church is, but not where it is not!", Orthodox Recordings is pleased to be the label for great classical works of the Christian West, works that express the ancient faith in great beauty from across Europe and the Western Hemisphere. If you have a recording you want to publish with our label, ask us! We will help you - we will accept you if it is a good fit for us, and if not, we will also guide you to the labels that will best represent your work. We want everyone to succeed!  

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