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Little Spot Productions is gaining clientele from all around the world.  Our recording and production quality has caught the ear of listeners around the world.  From Moscow and Saratov, Russia, to Kodiak, Alaska, Santa Rosa, California and New York City, Little Spot is creating great recordings!  Stay tuned here for updates as we increase our footprint.


The Seminary Masterclass Choir

In 2013, three esteemed theological seminaries in America— each of them in their turn an offspring of Russian Orthodoxy - came together to form a single ensemble for the first time in their respective histories.


Gathering at St. Tikhon’s Seminary a few days prior to the Sunday of the Prodigal Son, the 25 young men performed a public concert.


This present CD is a live recording of this concert, which took place on March 3, 2013, in the Episcopal Pro-Cathedral of St. Stephen, Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania. 


Guiding the proceedings was the world-renowned Russian conductor Vladimir Gorbik, who was invited to prepare the choir for this historic event. -


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St Innocent's Academy, Kodiak, AK

Upcoming and ongoing project:  In October 2013, we went to Kodiak, Alaska, to record the amazing singers of St Innocent's Academy.  This group of kids travels all over North America and all over the world, bringing the light of Christ's joy to everyone in the songs they sing.  


The choir has as its basis the Orthodox Christian tradition, but added to this are Appalachian spiritual hymns, light and joyful sea shanty tunes and all manner of music to make one's soul rejoice.  


The clip here is representative of the liturgical singing these young people are capable of.

The Russian-American Male Choir

The Evolution of PaTRAM continues!  in Summer of 2016, Maestro Vladimir Gorbik of Moscow gathered forty-one singers from his own church, the Representation of Trinity-St Sergius Lavra in Moscow, the Saratov Seminary Male Choir, many American and Canadian colleagues, and soloists that are among the best singers in Russia and in the world.

For six days the choir rehearsed, sang in Church services - the pinnacle of what a church choir does! - and worked very hard at what is sure to be a landmark recording of Pavel Chesnokov's choral works.  God was with this group, with SoundMirror and Little Spot Productions to make this project truly astounding.  The clip you hear is from the live services, and as good as it is, just wait till you hear the CD!

The Patriarch Tikhon Male Choir

In February 2014, Little Spot Productions went to Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, NY to record the All-night Vigil and Divine Liturgy as sung by the combined Seminary and Masterclass choirs.  

In our first effort with guidance from the Grammy Award winning professionals at SoundMirror, we captured the tremendous beauty of the Russian Orthodox Church services, as sung by a beautifully sonorous men's choir, gathered from all over the USA for this event.

Seraphim Hanisch

This is your loyal engineer, himself!  Little Spot was preceded by my own efforts to write and record music, because I just plain love it.  So, I have used a fairly sophisticated home studio to record some songs I wrote myself.


This track was recorded and produced by myself entirely, and you can even find my music on iTunes and!  I hope you enjoy it!

Solis Camerata
Phoenix, Arizona

Solis Camerata, ‘Choir of the Sun’, performs early choral music with ageless simplicity and beauty.

Originally developed in 2011 as an exploratory choir at Arizona State University, Solis Camerata audiences enjoyed the alluring elegance of both the early music genre and the choir’s pure choral timbre. Presently, Solis Camerata performs as a professional vocal ensemble, drawing from a wide variety of early music styles such as chant, polyphony, age-old melodies, folk songs, oratorio and contemporary compositions.


In November, 2014, Little Spot Productions recorded Solis Camerata in a live concert called "Songs of the Saints."  The clip you hear is the first part of the Crucis Mass, "Kyrie" - as recorded and produced by us!





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