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Little Spot Productions specializes in making great on-site recordings for events such as choral and symphony concerts, Church services and speeches. However, we also do a great amount of production and engineering work remotely. Some of our clients use their own sound engineers to make raw recordings, which we then produce and master.

We also offer excellent sound restoration services. 

Our rates are based on the sum of the relevant elements used for your project:​

1. Tracking - the actual recording process done on site.

2. "Post Production" - the editing and polishing of the takes to a Reference Master CD.

3. Mastering - Either through us or through multi Grammy Award winning Sound Mirror (extra fees).

4. Sound restoration services - bringing restored clarity to old or damaged recordings.

5. Travel and accomodations to / from the recording venue - includes shipping of equipment to and from site, as well.

We can also handle your printing and distrubution paths - both physical and electronic media.

When you call us or e-mail us, we will assess what your needs are, and balance this against your budgetary allowances to make a package that is affordable, and which provides the best value for your money.

A more detailed overview of our services is set here below:


When we talk about your project, we will make a recommendation list of the components we need to do your project.  Those components will then be either shipped to your site, using a reliable shipper like FedEx. Sometimes, to save costs, we rent equipment locally or from Sound Mirror.

Travel costs include any rental and shipping costs, airfare (if used) or mileage, and lodging.

Travel / Accommodations: 

Tracking is when we are actually "making tracks!" - when we are recording your project.  For singing groups this usually can be expected to run on the formula of one hour tracking time per 3-5 minutes of final product as far as music goes.  That applies in the best scenario, being a completely studio-based recording - not a live concert.


Our tracking costs for this scenario will reflect an hourly rate.  However, if we are setting aside several days of tracking (a common practice) - we will be happy to negotiate a flat rate to cover this.


In a live (concert) recording situation, we charge differently - here, tracking is much shorter in length, since most concerts do not exceed two hours.  However, the technical needs for live recordings are tougher, depending on the situation, so tracking costs for this will reflect the needs of equipment to do the job right - such as body-mounted mics (lavaliers) for people that are moving as they perform.  You can expect a live concert recording session to be more expensive over a shorter recording time than the studio (controlled environment) scenario.

TRACKING: Call for a Quote

The next step happens when we get back to our facilities in Moscow. 

We will go to work on your recorded material and make a superb mix from your material. Consultation is included in this process.

We charge a minimum of two (2) production hours according to this schedule:

Number of recorded tracks*                        Price per production hour (minimum 2)

1 to 4 recorded original tracks / song       $30 / production hour

5 to 8 recorded original tracks / song       $35 / production hour

9 to 16 recorded original tracks / song     $40 / production hour

16 to 24 recorded original tracks / song   $45 / production hour

24 to 32 recorded original tracks / song   $50 / production hour

33+ tracks                                                       Contact us for details --

* Here, "track" refers to a single mono- or stereo audio or instrument/MIDI channel.

MASTERING : Call for a Quote

Mastering is a final Production process that is done in professional studios at the end of the work shown above.  Here, the stereo mix recording - the Reference - is taken and enhanced by very professional processes to create a final recording that has great polish.  This will be the TRUE Master CD, from which your duplicating will take place.


Little Spot Productions is very proud to be partnered with Sound/Mirror in Boston for the Mastering work.  We charge a small $5 handling overhead in addition to Sound/Mirror's prices. but we handle the work with Sound/Mirror in your behalf.


We also offer our own in-house mastering services according to this price schedule:


Number of Recorded tracks or Stems            Per song* Mastering fee

1 to 4 recorded original tracks / song             $50.00

5 to 8 recorded original tracks / song             $100.00

9 to 16 recorded original tracks / song           $140.00

16 to 24 recorded original tracks / song         $180.00

24 to 32 recorded original tracks / song         $215.00

33+ tracks                                                            Contact us for details --

* - in our estimation, a single "song" is a single piece of recorded music less than ten (10) minutes in play time. For longer pieces of work, please contact us.

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