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So, you want to make a record?

In times past, if you wanted to record music or a presentation, you had to call a studio.  Often, the recording had to be done at the studio's own facility.   If you wanted to record something special, like a Church choir, there were usually two options:  (1) bring the choir in to the studio, or (2) do-it-yourself with limited microphones and post-production abilities.

The result?  Usually, a recording that didn't "do your group credit."  Since one major goal in making a recording is to sell it, for fund raising or even to earn an income,  you want to have the most professional, smooth, and listenable mix you can.  No matter the subject matter, recordings should be enjoyable to listen to, so that your customers will like them and listen to them over and over again.  Moreover, you want them to recommend your work to others to increase your customer base.

Little Spot Productions is here to help!  As a mobile, on-site capable operation, we can gather the resources - or bring our own - in order to provide professional-grade recording and post-productions.   We can make your subject matter shine with the best in the industry.  We can do this anywhere in the USA and Canada, and we can even take our services to international locales - if you ask us nicely :)  

And, we can do it at a price you can afford.


What can we do for you?

That is for you to think of, to dream of.  But we can offer a brief list of our services:


- Lecture recordings

- Church Services (Live)

- On-Site Choir recordings

- Concerts - Choral and Classical

- Musical and Radio Audition materials

- Voiceovers

- Audiobooks

- Session work - at any location on earth!

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