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Audio Restoration Rates and Information

Audio Restoration is usually a fairly straightforward process. Most of the time we are able to massively improve the sound quality of the recorded material. However, we have a tiered assessment and pricing system, since some types of restoration require much more intensive work than others. We also ask you to read our "Terms and Conditions" page so that you are aware of the limitations of this process. 

SERVICES and PRICES for Professional Sound Restoration

  • There are five levels of Professional Sound Restoration (depending on the quality of the source recording) and two Sound ReMastering options.

  • Please specify SOUND RESTORATION and the Sound Restoration goals of the project. Upon listening, we will determine the Sound Restoration Level required for completing the job and submit our findings and an estimate.

  • The cost of a professional Sound Restoration (and optional Sound Remastering) job depends on: 

    • The condition of the original material

    • The degree of sound improvement required.

  • There is a minimum fee of $30 per Professional Sound Restoration job. But one job can consist of multiple files, in which case once the $30 level is reached, the minimum no longer applies. 

  • For recordings less than 30 minutes in length we charge a flat $7.00 plus the rate-by-minute for the file in question. However, if there are many short recordings and their total time exceeds 30 minutes, we will waive this fee.

  • The sound of the recordings is fully monitored for all Professional Sound Restoration services. For complicated restorations (and remastering)       the sound will be monitored multiple times.

  • Rates can change at any time, but they will always be reflected on this page, or per negotiated agreement.



1.   Sound Restoration Level 1 

  • The quality of the source recording is very good, with minor noise reduction needed. 

    • A typical source for this category is Magnetic Audio Tape (reel-to-reel tape) recorded in the studio or recorded live with studio equipment.

    • Digital recordings that need minor noise reduction would also fit this category.

  • Cost: $3.50 per minute 

  • A 4 minute song will cost $21.00 (a 1 hour CD: $210.00).

2.   Sound Restoration Level 2 

  • The quality of the recording source is good. There are no impulse noises (clicks). 

    • Typical sources for this category are Magnetic Audio Tape (reel-to-reel tape) recorded with consumer equipment or other forms of tape (cassette, audio from video tapes, etc.), or digital recordings taken from these legacy media.

    • Such digital recordings are often very accurate “snapshots” of the original material, but physical media degrade over time and use, and so does the sound quality. We then restore it to its pristine levels, like new.

  • Cost: $4.00 per minute 

  • A 4 minute song will cost $23.00 (a 1 hour CD: $240.00)

3.   Sound Restoration Level 3 

  • The quality of the recording source is good, but there are impulse noises (clicks) or there is audible hum.

  • There are audible clicks, but no scratches or crackle.

    • For tapes, there is audible hum, but no external continuous noises to filter out. 

    • Typical sources for this category are LP's, microgroove 33rpm or 45rpm records, 12-inch singles or 45rpm extended play. Also, dubplates, and digital captures of such legacy media.

  • Cost: $5.00 per minute 

  • A 4 minute song will cost $27.00 (a 1 hour CD: $300.00).

4.   Sound Restoration Level 4 

  • The quality of the source recording or the venue is bad. There are impulse noises, larger clicks and scratches, and possible continuous noises to filter out.

    • Typical sources for this category are 78rpm commercial records

    • 16 inch transcriptions

    • well-worn LP's 

    • 45rpm's 

    • 12-inch singles and dubplates, as well as

    • tapes recorded with poor quality equipment.

  • Cost: $7.50 per minute 

  • A 4 minute song will cost $37.00 (a 1 hour CD: $450.00)*.

5.   Sound Restoration Level 5 

  • The quality of the recording source is extremely bad. There are impulse noises, scratches, incorrect recording levels, and / or possible continuous noises to filter out.

    • Typical sources in this condition are 78rpm lacquers and acetates

    • home-made-records

    • LP's played too many times or played with faulty needles

    • tapes recorded with poor or faulty equipment

    • tapes or records stored improperly. 

    • Also included in this level are recordings that were made under bad conditions or just handled poorly. Such a recording will be restricted to voice, such as a speech or sermon. 

  • While music in many cases can be significantly restored under such conditions, we make no claim that a bad recording can be made into a good quality musical offering. We can possibly restore it as some sort of archival recording, but fidelity will be severely limited, though clarity will be much improved in most cases.

  • $10.00 per minute 

  • A 4 minute song will cost $47.00 (a 1 hour CD: $600.00)*.

* - For Sound Restoration Levels 4 and 5 we cannot guarantee perfect recovery as the original material will limit this ability, often sharply. However, if the optimum result is still not very good, we will adjust the price downward to fit. The prices given here are for the nearest-to-perfect (original) quality possible. Talk to us!


  • Sound Restoration Levels 1-5 above deal mainly with restoring the sound of the recording to the original sound produced by the original sound engineer and producer. Although we may compensate for gross sound imbalances, we do not re-engineer the sound recording.

  • If restoring the original sound of the recording is not sufficient and enhancing the original is required, please specify SOUND REMASTERING and the Sound Remastering goals of the project. Upon listening, we will determine the Sound Remastering Option required for completing the job and submit our findings and an estimate.

1.   Sound Remastering Option 1 

  • Sound Remastering option 1 will enhance a mediocre but otherwise clean sound.

  • Cost: $3.00 per minute (added to Sound Restoration cost) 

  • A 4 minute song will add $12.00 (a 1 hour CD: $180.00).

2.   Sound Remastering Option 2 

  • Sound Remastering option 2 will attempt to enhance a faulty original recording.

  • Cost:  $6.00 per minute (added to Sound Restoration cost) 

  • A 4 minute song will add $24.00 (a 1 hour CD: $360.00).


At Little Spot Productions, we are able to work surprising wonders with all kinds of recordings. However, there are limits. The policies listed below should be read and understood as our effort to provide our clients protection against throwing money down the rabbit hole. If we see no way to get you what you want save making a new recording, or if we are limited in what we can do for you, we pledge to tell you FIRST, and to get your approval before starting the project.

Please contact us with information about your project and copyright status. We will respond with an explanation of our service and possible costs.

  • After we receive the sound recordings we will determine the Sound Restoration Level (and optional Remastering Option). Based on length of recording we will issue an estimate.

  • Close to completion time we will send an invoice (to include return shipping cost). Payment is due at time of completion, prior to shipping of completed project.

  • We accept payment by ATM Transfer (in Russia), and PayPal (Both Russia and US). The finished project is shipped (or files transferred) when funds clear.

  • We stand by the quality of our work. Most of our clients who have recurring Sound Restoration projects are repeat customers; some have done many projects with us.

  • All sales (Sound Restoration and optional Remastering) are final.

  • Any re-work and free additional work will be performed entirely at our discretion.

  • We may authorize re-work and free additional work (solely at our discretion) if we find that we have made a mistake or omission.

  • Remaining defects (or perceived defects) caused by the poor quality of the original recording(s) will not constitute a basis for re-work or free additional work. Such defects (or perceived defects), if improvement is technically possible, will be worked on at our studio rate of $130 per hour.

  • Our transaction policies apply for Professional Restoration Services the same as for Consumer Services. Please see our complete list of Terms and Conditions.

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