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Little Spot Productions is equipped with state-of-the-art tools to make sure your recording project is a success.  We are constantly updating and enhancing our kit, and we make use of local rental houses for any extra needs.


The equipment list shown below is representative of what we have on hand, but since we are updating our tools, sometimes what is shown here will have been replaced by better tools.  


At Little Spot we are striving to make your project as professional as the "big guys" might make it, but at a fraction of the cost.


State-of-the-Art Equipment

Professional Engineer

Go-Anywhere Reach

Our Studio and Field Gear - Snapshot
Audio Interfaces
Antelope Audio Gen 3 Thunderbolt 32 channel 192KHz
Antelope Audio MP32 32-Channel Mic Preamp
Roland Studio Capture 16/10 Audio Interface

PreSonus AudioBox 1818VSL 

Zoom H6


(3) DPA 4006a (omni)

(3) Earthworks QTC-30 (omni)

(9) Karma Silver Bullet (omni spot mics)

(2) CAD GXL-3000 (Multipattern)

and more...

Production Studio Running on 
Apple Mac Studio M1 Ultra
Apple MacBook Pro 15 (2019)

DAW Setups:

Apple Logic Pro

Pro Tools Studio

Presonus Studio One V6.6


Mixing and Mastering plugins from Liquidsonics, IzoTope and other leaders in the industry.

Soundcraft GB4-24

This is a superb 24-channel mixing console - perfect for large venue recordings.


Korg D-1600 Multitrack recorder

Utilizing our in-house studio facilities, we use Mackie, Behringer and Rolls submixers to bring our line inputs to this unit, capable of recording 8 simultaneous channels at 24-bits, 44.1KHz.

Neumann TLM-103s

The little brother to the acclaimed U87 Microphone line, these TLM 103's form a superb central pair of microphones


Earthworks QTC-30s (Matched pair)
These are superb mics - omnidirectional pickup and are noted for a beautiful reproduction of "air" in a recording space.
CAD GXL3000s

These multi-setting microphones offer cardioid, figure-of-eight and omnidirectional settings.  We have a pair for ambient sound capture.


MXL2001s, MXL990's, 991's

These cardioid microphones are superb for demo work, and also for larger scale venues where location microphones are needed.

TC Electronics Vocalizer Pro

A great Harmonizer box, capable of giving four additional harmony parts to a singer.  Great for backup vocals when you don't have any backup singers.  The sound can be quite natural, to totally electronica, you decide.


TC M-One

A wonderful outboard reverb and delay box.

KRK Rokit 5 Powered Monitors

When we do mixing, these monitors give an accurate sound so that we can tailor your mix to sound perfect.


Mackie MR-5 Powered Monitors

Having multiple Monitor pairs helps us determine the consistency of the sound we are engineering for you.  These other monitors occur across multiple budget levels and are indicative of "real world" conditions - not everyone is an audiophile, but we make sure your music sounds superb, no matter what it is played through!

AVID ProTools 11
The big cahuna of DAWs is now at Little Spot Productions.  This amazing software is the defacto standard of many recording studious all over the world.  Superior processing and EFX capabilities help us create that professional mix you cannot live without. 
PreSonus Studio One

A superb and well rounded DAW, Studio One has been the software behind the scenes on many great recordings.



Our first DAW (because it's free to evaluate!), this excellent program was used to produce our first major CD work, "Hymns of Holy Russia in the New World" - with only the plug-ins provided.  We have since added great third party plugins from Liquidsonics and Knufinke, among others.

Korg Kronos 88

Our in-house master keyboard #1, this amazing synthesizer is a great sketchpad and a wonderfully playable instrument.


Alesis Fusion 8HD

The Fusion was the fore-runner of the Kronos, in theory.  The first multi-engine synth in an affordable pricepoint, this keyboard is extraordinarily capable of great sounds.


17 other Synthesizers

I'll just name the makes and models:  

Novation Supernova

Novation Supernova II

Access Virus TI

Korg Triton Rack, and RADIAS

Yamaha AN1x, EX-5 CS6x, and Motif Rack ES

Roland JV 1080

Alesis Quadrasynth Plus Piano, and QSR-1

Ensoniq SQ-R

E-mu Proteus 2500 with expansions

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